Specialising in the Design and Construction of High Quality Industrial Concrete Floors and Hardstandings.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of service that our clients would expect.

To enable our work force to work in a safer environment Concrete Floors Ltd are committed to achieving the highest standards of Health and Safety based on the elimination of risk and a greater understanding of our working environment. Our skilled work force are all trained to NVQ Level 2 and the company is committed to maintaining a 100% CSCS card holder scheme.

Concrete Floors Ltd have an exemplary safety record and carry out all our work in line with Health and Safety Regulations. Each Operative is qualified to the NVQ Level 2 as promoted by CSCS and all our Supervisors NVQ Level 3 and Managers are qualified to NVQ Level 5.

Concrete Floors Ltd are one of the most important elements in modern industrial and commercial buildings.

Expectations of clients are high and the performance criteria demanded relies heavily upon the expertise of the specialist concrete flooring contractor.

The quality of a concrete depends upon producing a floor slab that has a hard wearing durable surface, meeting a surface regularity, loading requirements and choice of suitable means of crack control.

Concrete Floors Ltd has the knowledge and experience to offer advice and guidance to assist clients and specifiers to understand what can be expected of a concrete floor.

Pre-Construction planning between clients, main contractors and specialist flooring company offers the opportunity to create a clear line of communication and an understanding of each party’s responsibility

  • a) Programme
  • b) Weather and protection
  • c) Design loading, ground conditions
  • d) Access
  • e) Surface regularity classification
  • f) Materials, delivery and storage
  • g) Method of work, and quality control

Our constant attention to site safety and accident prevention now enables all our concrete installations to be carried out by a skilled workforce comprising of a guaranteed SSSTS qualified working foreman NVQ qualified laying and finishing team, trained banks man and first aid appointed person as well as a 100% CSCS workforce. CSS is the construction skills certification scheme, visit

We are pleased to announce That Concrete Floors Ltd is now CHAS accredited.

In order to maintain the high standard of health and safety we are committed to, we employ a fully accredited independent health and safety company, Stallard Kane Associates to monitor our health and safety compliance and performance.

Internal Concrete Floors

Operating nationwide Concrete Floors Ltd regularly carries out internal concrete floors utilising

  • Traditional mesh reinforced concrete floor slabs
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors
  • Structural poly fibre floors
  • Bar reinforced structural concrete floors

Concrete Floors Ltd provide a one stop estimating service for both internal and external concrete paving Full supply or labour only options are available based on traditional bills of quantities or on a design and build basis incorporating professional indemnity through our independent structural engineers Hubbard Associates Limited.

Fast track flooring utilising laser technology alongside flood pours and pin form fast track laying techniques are carried out on a daily basis.

Our in house structural engineering department offers concrete mix evaluation alongside reinforcement and slab depth guidance, as well as joint layout and appropriate tolerance requirements.

Concrete Floors Ltd provide fully trained steel fixing and set up crews to install membranes, formwork and reinforcement prior to laying crews arrival on site. This enables pre pour checks to be carried out ion advance of pours where quality and attention to detail can be maintained at the highest level.

Our range of expertise includes:

  • Ground Bearing Floors
  • Concrete to metal decking
  • Suspended Ground Floors
  • Concrete screeds to pre-cast beams
  • Concrete to overlays to existing Floors
  • Concrete to under-floor heating systems
  • Concrete to road and hard standings
  • Concrete to basements

External Concrete Floors

For many years Concrete Floors Ltd have recognised that external concrete paving has received little guidance in how to construct quality concrete hard standings

Far too often it has become common practise to allow the ground worker to construct the external paving on a piecemeal basis to suit the programme of the ground worker.

It is only when the client becomes aware that his investment is failing due to poor detailing, lack of concrete knowledge or inability to achieve designed falls that the so called savings made from not employing a concrete flooring specialist fades into insignificance.

Concrete Floors Ltd has four golden rules for achieving a quality durable concrete hard standing:

  • 1

    The slab is only as good as the ground it is laid upon

    External paving should only be laid on a well rolled and consolidated hardcore sub-base. Free from soft spots and heaving and rutting.

  • 2

    Quality of Concrete

    Concrete should be well graded and particular attention taken to cement type and content kg/m3 as well as water/cement ratio. Due to the exposure to numerous freeze/thaw cycle’s provision for either air entrainment or the use of poly fibres should be allowed for to satisfy durability.

  • 3

    Good Falls

    It is essential to create falls that enable surface rainwater to disperse quickly to pre- designed gullies and drainage channels. This is particularly important in freezing temperatures to prevent ice forming upon the slab. It is essential that an agreed bay layout be issued taking into account drainage points, docking heights, door access points and high point areas.

  • 4

    Textured Finish and Curing

    Whilst requiring to be both hard wearing and durable external concrete paving finish must offer some skid resistance to both pedestrian and vehicular movement particularly in wet conditions. Whilst a uniform brush finish can be aesthetically pleasing it is the irregularity of the texture of the surface that offers much more technical benefit

    As with all insitu cast concrete curing is essential to prevent moisture loss. Concrete Floors Ltd carry out a curing regime utilising spray on acrylic curing membrane to combat the effects of plastic shrinkage reducing potential early drying out of the slab and assisting in reducing the incidence of surface dusting.


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